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FoneMask is an innovative API that combines telephone networks and the power of the web to create a seamless integration between the two industries. FoneMask provides anonymous cell numbers for use online to protect users from placing their personal information on line, which in todays world can be a dangerous place to leave personal information


Unlike its competitiors, FoneMask brings the anonymous number to the user where the user needs it....on websites where users would like to use a phone number. Such sites can be Craigslist, and Gumtree or any such site which is using the API.


FoneMask was founded by two brothers, Thomas and Paul.

Thomas has a Degree in Computer Science and Mathematics, and has vast experience in the IT/Internet industry. 


Paul has a masters in Financial mathematics and was involved in the creation of FoneMask on a business level. Paul has since left to pursue his own career in a different path.

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